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Allegany County Other Plans and Documents associated with the 2008 Comprehensive Plan

As additional documents become available via electronic format they will be added to this website. These essentially make up the "Other Documents & Plans" part of the Appendices for the Allegany County Comprehensive Plan.


Appendix A New York Statutes General Municipal Law: 239 - D
Appendix B Creation of the Allegany County Comprehensive Planning Committee Resolution No.86-07
Appendix C Allegany County Legislative Board Resolution SEQR - Determining Significance
Appendix D Allegany County Legislative Board Resolution for Setting Public Hearing
Appendix E Allegany County Legislative Board Resolution for Adoption of the Comprehensive Plan
Appendix F Allegany County Strategic Tourism Marketing Plan
Appendix G Friendship Empire Zone Development Plan 2007
Appendix H Allegany County Agriculture Development and Farmland Enhancement Plan
Appendix I Allegany County Department of Health 2005 - 2010 Community Health Assessment
Appendix J

Allegany County 2007 - 2012 HUD Consolidated Plan

2011 HUD Plan Review document - appendix update information

Appendix K

Allegany County 2011 - 2015 Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

Warning that this document is very large - not recommended for dial-up connections

Hazard Mitigation Planning Group


2011 - 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Hazard Mitigation Planning Group has met with the county’s towns, villages, colleges, special districts and groups to create the 2011 - 2015 Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan which is an update to the 2005 Plan.  To view this 2011 Update click on the various links below.   The Plan has been completed and approved by NYS and FEMA as of the summer of 2011.

  Hazard Mitigation Planning Group

Members of the Hazard Mitigation Planning Group include:
Jeff Luckey - Allegany County Office of Emergency Services
Guy James - Allegany County DPW
Kevin Demick - Allegany County Highway Superintendents Association
Fred Sinclair - Allegany County Legislator
Kier Dirlam - Allegany County Planner
Red Cross of Western New York
Scott Torrey - Allegany County Soil & Water District
Tom Hull - Allegany County Department of Health

If you have any questions or comments, please call the Planning Office at 585-268-7472 or e-mail us at
Appendix L
Allegany County Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plan
Completed July 2007
Cover Letter [2 pages]
Preface [5 pages]
I. Introduction [6 pages]
II Federal Transit Programs Legislation [7 pages]
III. Demographic Profile [14 pages]
IV. Research [37 pages]
V. Developing the Mobility Plan [12 pages]
VI Implementation and Evaluation [9 pages]
VII Allegany County Tranportation Task Force [7 pages]
VIII Allegany County Transportation Work Plan [14 pages]
IX Appendices [27 pages]
HAT Bus Guide [8 pages] [Please Note: 2.4 MB]
Appendix M Allegany County Youth Bureau 2007 Annual Report: Statistical Comparison of Youth Participation
Appendix N Allegany County Chapter of the Red Cross: Disaster Response Plan
Appendix O Information on Australia's Tidy Towns Program
Appendix P PPAC
Appendix Q

The Allegany County Community Partnership on Aging Stregic Plan

Appendix R Project Listings - To be officially appended in 2011

Allegany County Solid Waste Plan - Completed 1993

Town of Almond Comprehensive Plan 1970

Town of Alma Comprehensive Plan Draft 2016

Town and Village of Wellsville Comprehensive Plan Draft 2016

Open Space Planning:

Allegany County is in the western region of New York State for Open Space Planning.  We participate in the plan that is developed by the state on a regular basis.  See the plan HERE 

Another Plan that is relevant on a statewide basis is: The New York State Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

and finally there is also a Statewide Trails Plan, which we are part of.  

Allegany County Open Space Resources

NYSDEC maintains more than 50,000 acres of State Forest and Wildlife Management Areas within Allegany County.  Their website is an excellent resource for reviewing each of the state forests within our County.  The DEC also oversees part of the former WAG Trail south of Wellsville that extends to the PA border.

Allegany County maintains over 2,000 acres of County forests.  The Soil & Water Conservation District is the group that maintains these resources.

Finger Lakes Trail - This trail is connected to the North Country Trail and makes it one of the longest hiking trails in the country.  The trail crosses the northern part of the County and is a purely hiking trail.  

Genesee Valley Greenway - This Greenway follows the old Genesee Valley Canal line from Cuba, NY northeast through the County until it exits into Letchworth State Park and continues north to Rochester, NY.  The greenway is owned now by NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.  There is also a group that helps maintain the Greenway - Friends of the GVG.

Allegany Trails - is a small group of  people interested in creating more trails within Allegany County.  Presently they control about 1 mile of the old WAG Trail - now renamed the Upper Genesee River Trail from Wellsville's Island Park south to Weidrick Road.

Genesee River Wilds Inc. is a small Not for Profit group that is working to assist other groups with their projects and bring new project on-line.  Primary focus during 2012 is to bring two pocket parks on-line for canoe and Kayak access onto the Genesee River at Transit Bridge and Belfast bridge.  

Fishing resources in Cuba Lake, Rushford Lake and the small lakes and ponds are plentiful.  NYSDEC stocks many of the streams and lakes annually.  Allegany County is a perennial top five deer hunting county in New York State for both deer per square mile and bucks per square mile.  Black Bear, and Turkey are also popular hunting sports in county.

Virtually every Town and Village in the County maintains at least one park within it's boundaries.  Many of these include playing fields for soccer, baseball, softball and similar team sports while also having picnic areas and playgrounds in some of them.  Some have pavilions for use by larger parties.   Contact a particular Town or Village to see what they offer.

See Chapter III of the 2013 Allegany County Comprehensive Plan for a chart of many of the resources available within Allegany County.

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